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“Gone are the long-held stereotypes that Buffalo, NY (and WNY in general) is a one-trick food pony. What Feed Your Soul and Christa Glennie Seychew have been able to do to put Buffalo’s culinary talent, farmers and food producers on the map, is nothing short of amazing. My impression as a Torontonian visiting Buffalo is that there’s a renewed energy in kitchens, fields and tables across the region that [Feed Your Soul] helped engender and continues to do so through its tireless efforts. Putting local fare grown by area farmers, prepared by chefs new, returning and old, celebrated by diners who understand what this means to their economy, their communities and their environment, means everyone benefits; even as far away as Toronto!” ~Mary Luz Mejia, Toronto-based food writer, television producer

“Christa is the driving force behind getting Buffalo and Western New York’s food scene on the culinary map. Look out Portland, you’re about to be demoted.” ~Ivy Knight, Toronto-based author and event planner

“Consider what Christa Glennie Seychew has had to endure in producing Nickel City Chef Cookbook & DVD, a look back narrative of her culinary series that begins its fourth season in 2012.First, Seychew had to envision Nickel City Chef and sell it. She did so, like so many shoe-string operators in our area, by force of will and collaboration. Second, she had to endure and grow it by absorbing all the bumps and bruises of a concept that reached beyond the familiar, and massage enough egos and cash flow to grow the franchise. Now she has framed that experience in her book, a scene-by-scene retelling of how Nickel City Chef came to be: the actors, the dialogue, the plot points, the twists and the reveals. It is gorgeous. The beauty remains in the painstaking portrayal of the local farm community and its increasing integration into the local food service industry. That was Seychew’s first major achievement and her editorial decision to highlight these farmer/producers first in each ensuing chapter serves the book well. By doing so, Seychew methodically makes her case for Western New York agriculture.” ~Vincent McConeghey, LocalFoodService.com

“Great working with someone who knows Western New York food and culture as well Christa does. Always provides interesting subjects and her work is outstanding.” ~Emeri Krawczyk, The Buffalo News

“Nickel City Chef collectively raises the profile of the local restaurant and food service industry. It is vital to have ongoing programming such as Nickel City Chef to celebrate the role and connection between our chef/owners and the public. These are business owners invested in the community. And it’s one helluva a good way to spend an afternoon.” ~Rick Heavern, President of LocalFoodService.com

“Christa is the brains and energy behind Nickel City Chef and Feed Your Soul. Her organizational skills are impeccable, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to successfully wrangle excellent performance from chefs, staff, judges, caterers, audiences, audio/visual crews, and others. Her ability and drive to successfully promote local chefs, ingredients, farms, producers, and eateries are enviable.” ~Alan Bedenko, BuffaloPundit.com

“Christa was a wonderful addition to the editorial staff at Great Lakes Life Magazine. Her articles were well-written, were a great fit with the rest of the magazine’s content, and she required virtually no micro-managing each month. Christa’s breadth of knowledge both in her field of the food and dining world and of her Buffalo community made her a valuable asset in the magazine’s move into the Buffalo market and she was always one of my “go-to people” when I was in need of a great story idea.” ~Mark Toriski, managing editor, Great Lakes Life magazine

“I know Christa from our travels through the world of food and media. What I can say is that Christa is among the finest, most credible and reliable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I might add that she is also one of the brightest, most articulate and insightful individuals in the world of food, media, publishing, and really any area where “smarts” and experience are a decisive factor. Yes, what a smart cookie! I can’t emphasize enough, though, her ability to communicate, facilitate, and manage the toughest and most delicate of terrain – all with humility and an appropriate sense of humor. Christa just hits the right balance every time – of wit, of charm, of professionalism, and even toughness – all when it matters most! She always rises to the occasion…my highest recommendation!!” ~Nelson M. Starr, host of Buffalo’s For Real video series

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christa on various projects. Her exceptional work is eclipsed only by her true belief in her product. Whether it is Feed Your Soul and local food networking event, or Nickel City Chef or a detailed article in Buffalo Rising, Christa is impassioned with the drive to bring her and everyone around her to the top of their game. She offers a refreshing and much needed new prospective on our city. Her efforts have moved us into this new century with pride and talent. Christa would make a positive impact on any project on which she works.” ~Dan Garvey, food & beverage director, The Roycroft Inn

“Passionate in all that she pursues. A talented writer that has a point of view and is candid, truthful and forthright about her thoughts, likes and dislikes. A hard worker that follows her dreams and looks at the big picture in all her endeavors.” ~Sandra Starks, Program coordinator, Forest Lawn

“Christa is a creative, detail-oriented manager, who balances her vision with practical tools, tight deadlines, and budgets, creating experiences that have consistently impressed attendees and employees. During my tenure working with her, Christa has proven time and time again to have an open mind to suggestions, an inclusive demeanor to all employees, and organizational skills that allow flexibility while always meeting deadlines.” ~Joseph DiDomizio , writer, media producer

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