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Shutter:1/45 sec

Select Press Clippings for Related Projects

Atlantic Cities :The Secret to Buffalo’s Farm-to-Table Culture” 11/12

Buffalo News “Buffalo’s Food Talent Wows Judge” 05/12

WNED Radio Interview: Cookbook Looks at Local Food, Local Chefs 02/12 “Christa Seychew Makes “A Big Fuss” About Local Food” 02/2012 “Top Local Food Stories of 2011” 01/2012

WGRZ and Spree clip “Sushi” 11/2011 review of “Nickel City Chef” cookbook 10/2011

Epi-Log on “Beyond Wings…” 08/2011

Buffalo Rising’s “Buffalo’s Bounty Delivered to Toronto” 07/2011

WGRZ and Spree clip  “The Hamburger” 07/2011

Toronto’s City Bites magazine “Buffalo’s Bounty” (pgs.27-29) Summer 2011 “Buffalo Foodies” 05/2011

Buffalo News “Buffalo’s New Breed” 01/2011

Business First “Rising Star: Christa Glennie Seychew” 10/2010

Buffalo News “Sweet & Scary Treats” October 2010

Business First “New Trend: Urban Farming” 08/2010

Niagara Gazette “FYS Tours Area Farms” 06/2010

Buffalo Spree “Shiitake in the Afternoon” 06/2010

Buffalo Spree “Restaurant Sessions” 03/2010

Buffalo News “Buffalo Fare is Icing…” 02/2010

Bon “Beyond the Chicken Wing” 02/2010

Buffalo Spree “Top Cakes” 01/2010

WNY LFS “Top 10 Local Food…” 12/2009

Niagara Gazette “Best Chefs” 12/2009

Buffalo News “Kitchen Stars…” 10/2009

WNY LFS “Jenky’s Walk-Off…” 08/2009

Block Club magazine ‘The Foodies” June-July 2009

WNY LFS “Richert Crowned…” 07/2009

WIVB News Clip “Chefs Compete in the Kitchen” 07/2009

Buffalo Spree “Best of WNY” 07/2009

WNY LFS “The Meitus Touch” 06/2009

WIVB News Clip “Buffalo’s Top Chefs” 06/2009

Artvoice “NCC Plates Up…” 06/2009

The Buffalo News “Nickel City Showdown” 06/2009 “Top Ten Local Food Stories of 2009” 01/2009

Artvoice “Soul Food” 07/2008

Buffalo News “Get Your Fill…” 07/2008

Slow Food “Reading Groups Inspire” Fall 2008

-Photo by Christa Glennie Seychew
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